Having just explained shaktipat, we need to understand the path of shaktipat. The word “yoga” mean “union” and signifies both the state of union with the Self as well as the path to that union. The word that comes before denotes the specific path, thus we have hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, kriya yoga and so on. Our path is the Shakti path, or Siddha Yoga. Siddha meaning “perfect”. Why is it the perfect path? Because it is natural and spontaneous. It is automatic once it grabs you. It is a direct and fast path to enlightenment guided by the grace of the Divine Mother.

The diagram illustrates this.

All other paths, or yogas, start from the ego and attempt to reach the Self. Unfortunately the mind wanders off and gets caught in the inner world. In Shaktipat Siddha yoga it is the opposite process: The Absolute Self reaches out to you in an act of grace and transforms you from within. Any yoga that does this is by definition Shaktipat  Siddha yoga. 

Furthermore, shaktipat is the initiation into this path. Most shaktipat teachers (and there are very few real ones) give shaktipat only once. On the Shaktipat Yoga path you are welcome to come back and receive shaktipat again and again. In Shaktipat Yoga, shaktipat is an integral part of the path. Also you must meditate regularly and daily as prescribed.