Shaktipat in absentia

Jan offers to give shaktipat in absentia, meaning by mailorder. You will receive the two meditation CD’s and a rudraksha mala (necklace) charged with shaktipat. You are required to wear the mala during meditation, but not during the day. Do not let others touch the mala. You must promise to meditate twice daily as per the guided CD’s; other meditation methods will not do. So if you have some other meditation routine, be prepared to give it up. Meditation time is 50 minutes at twice daily. You can meditate longer than 50 minutes, if you feel like it, or more than twice. 

You do not enter a guru-disciple relationship with Jan. So you do not have to do puja (worship) in front of a picture of Jan prior to shaktipat. You simply receive the items and when you are ready to meditate, you take the mala out of the envelope and wear it and play the Kundaini Kriya Meditation CD and meditate for 50 minutes. Do NOT touch the mala in the envelope before you are ready to meditate. Once you have received the envelope, meditate as soon as possible, but only if you are rested, so you do not fall asleep.

The shaktipat given is not from the person Jan, but is the shakti from the Blue Being. So please do not print out a picture of Jan and do puja to it. Rather, if you feel like it, get a picture of Krishna or Shiva and consider them the masters of your new spiritual tradition.

If you are interested, email Jan and ask for payment details.

You should use PayPal or bank transfer to pay 120 US$.