LOVE, Everybody knows love to some degree. Love for one’s wife and children for example. Or love for one’s teacher. Or love of religious icons and art. Feel this love as often and as strongly as possible during the day, then let go of the object of the love and just feel the love in and as itself. Stay with it for as long as possible. Enhance it with your breath (this technique cannot be explained, but you will figure it out with a little experimentation). Merge your conscious awareness with this love and you will feel the love naturally flows towards the Divine, to God.


DEVOTION, As love grows in you, and you connect it with God, you will feel devotion to God. It is unavoidable. You cannot have real devotion without real love, and the deeper and stronger the love, the better. Thus real devotion develops after real love develops. You long for God with all your heart. You will cry tears of devotion. In days or period when you do not feel that love/devotion, your heart aches with longing. Your lover has gone; you know not where. Will he/she come back? I assure you, God never abandons a true lover and will come back, He/She is merely testing you. So remain devoted. If not you may fall into apathy and boredom and get dragged down into sloth. If you find the joy of meditation and prayer has deserted you, still pray to God to take you out of that darkness you are in. Read holy books for inspiration.


SURRENDER,  can be said to be a higher octave of love, so can surrender be said to be a higher octave of devotion. When love-devotion is strong you let go of everything and merge with it, that is mystical surrender. And I mean “everything”. You let go of your sense of being a unique individual, yourself. You let go of desires, attachments, aversions and so on. Eventually you transcend the I-ness and merge into Pure Being, the SELF/IT. You surrender to GOD/IT/THE SELF beyond the super-essential clouds of first unknowing then non-knowing.

True Renunciation

Once you have perfected love, devotion and surrender, you have fully renounced the world. You are in it, but not of it. You still enjoy things of the world but you  love God in and as the thing, not the thing as a separate sensual phenomenon. This is true renunciation, not self-denial and suppression of healthy, normal joys in life. You could say God has taken charge of you, but it is in a happy surrender to God. Once love of God has taken fully control of your emotions and your very Being, then love of the world-as-such fades away.