Oct 15 - 17 2021


11:00 am - 8:00 pm



Three day shaktipat intensive in Berlin, October 2021

We invite you to meet Jan Esmann, an enlightened teacher, and receive a very sacred and rare Shaktipat initiation during the 3 day meditation intensive retreat. There is only a handful of enlightened masters giving Shaktipat in the west, Jan Esmann being one of them.

Shaktipat is a direct transmission of Shakti, the primordial energy, which awakens your otherwise dormant Kundalini Shakti (divine energy). Usually when people speak about Kundalini awakening, they really mean Kundalini arousal. Shaktipat initiation grants you the grace of a semi-automatic sadhana (spiritual practice) known as Shaktipat Yoga, Siddha Yoga (Perfect Yoga). Rather than you reaching out to the Self, the Self now reaches out to you. This grace is the hallmark of Shaktipat Siddha Yoga.

People report a large range of benefits – from health and wellbeing to mental and emotional stability. Most importantly, one can experience deep and profound bliss, love and freedom.

As well as Shaktipat transmissions, Jan shares his experience of meditation and enlightenment, as well as answering questions. He has written a number of books explaining the process of awakening through the path of Love, Devotion and Surrender.
People all around the world attend Jan’s meditation retreats. This is his first such event in Germany, and a wonderful opportunity that shouldn’t be missed!

Greifswalder Straße 208, 10405 Berlin


Each day we start at 11am and finish at 8pm, including a 2h lunch break. In addition, there will be several coffee/tea breaks during the day.

The price for the full 3 days retreat is €210.
Please note that accommodation and food are not included.

Registration and other information: