This is the third edition of this now classic book. Lovebliss clearly explains what the state of enlightenment called Self-realization is. It also places this state of enlightenment in the context of the various states of enlightenment one may progress through on the spiritual journey.
Kundalini Tantra discusses the Tantric path to enlightenment via kundalini awakening through shaktipat or grace. It is written from the author’s personal experience of the journey to enlightenment and reflects his thoughts and hints on the path.
108 common misconceptions about enlightenment are examined and corrected. The author, who a spiritual teacher of the shaktipat siddha yoga tradition, speaks in a clear an simple language from his own personal experience of the state of enlightenment.
Shaktipat is the extremely rare art where an enlightened Siddha ignites the student’s kundalini in such a way that the student’s kundalini will take him or her to enlightenement. This is a handbook for students who have received this rare and sacred initiation.
Man has several subtle bodies that can be seen clairvoyantly as colored light. An etherical body, an astral body, a mental body and a causal body. They radiate out beyond the physical body where they can be seen as a colorful aura. This book has several colored illustrations of various auras. It explains their meaning.
These poems offer unique insights into the heart and soul of an enlightened person. The spirit of the poems is contagious and reading them can give rise to a transmission or awakening of Shakti (spiritual energy). The author is an ardent Mother devotee, which shines forth in every poem.