The human spirit alone is capable of being filled with God alone. Hence nothing worldly or of lower spirituality will ever truly satisfy it. It can give the ego a kick, but that is just ego-spirituality and does not bring anyone one bit closer to enlightenment. You should set your goal on enlightenment and shun every other kind of “spirituality” in the name of God and THE SELF/IT.It is said that God is a jealous God and in this sense it is true. There is one way to God and one way only. It is said there are many, and in a sense, for the preparatory stages, that is true, but ultimately there is only one. That one path having been described throughout this book – yay the entire book being an attempt to convey that one path—it shall not be reduced to simplistic particulars here. That would create more confusion than understanding.But let it be reminded that the peace known by lovers of God comes from their heart being fixed, in longing and thought, in the love of God. It is a lovebliss that sings and finds peace and burns with a hot fire and contemplates the superessential void of The Father and The Holy Spirit and the Avatar: the Son or Daughter of God. Only people who really know this from being IT know true peace.

Relate to God as: “Oh, Mother! Please grant me full enlightenment! Let me merge with you! Destroy anything in me that separates me from your love. Make me one. Let us merge.” Relate to God as Father or Mother, or the avatars Jesus or Krishna or Kali or Virgin Mary, it matters not, they are all Sons and Daughters of God, all avatars. Relating to God singularly as the Holy Spirit is more difficult and requires a VERY advanced state of kundalini awakening and blessed arousal. When you are ready for it, this path will grab you by itself. Many may pretend to be grabbed by that path: It is very easy to speak the right speak and impress people, yet they are not on the path, and that only makes them hypocrites. Pay attention! If you are not radiant with contagious bliss, love and devotion you are not on this path.

The path Jan offer, is the path of Mother. But if you are more comfortable with Father or Son or Daughter it matters not. As long as you are on the path of the divine awakened Shakti within you as Kundalini. I also offer the path of the Holy Spirit by awakening the kundalini shakti and planting a seed of enlightenment through Shaktipat and holy grace. Shaktipat will soon blossom and put you on the path of Mother. Later the seed of enlightenment will sprout and put you on the path of the Father and grant you the various levels of enlightenment.

The Holy Spirit/Kundalini shakti: The primal energy in man. The energy which individuated you as you and which will grant you liberation.

The Father: The in-itself eternally resting pure unmanifest being, which is the One and out of which you are an individuality.

The Mother: The grace that guides kundalini on its path of unfoldment and of uniting itself, and you, with Father/Mother (as One).

Jai Ma ♥